Steelseries Introduces ‘Prime’, the Newest Set of Gaming Accessories

Prime, the latest line of gaming accessories from SteelSeries

Prime, the latest line of gaming accessories from SteelSeries

GridGames.ID – Late May 2022, SteelSeries announced the launch of a set of accessories called Prime developed by professionals.

SteelSeries itself is a company that develops accessories specifically for games and esports.

This Prime line of accessories is specially designed for professionals competing to win championships.

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With input and feedback from over 100 of the world’s leading competitive professional players, every aspect of Prime is carefully designed with one goal in mind: winning.

Inspired by rally car championship pro esports, Prime introduces a line of lightweight and slim mice.

Then there are the new Arctis headsets that feature only the best in class technology and innovation.

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Victory and defeat in a match can be determined in a matter of milliseconds.

That’s why every mouse in the Prime range is equipped with a rotating Optical Magnetic switch.


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