Started Playing Online Games Together, This Girl Married a Caucasian

Samra and Triston collage

Samra and Triston

GridGames.ID – Matchmaking can come in different ways for sure.

As experienced by a female worker (TKW) from the Philippines who works in Saudi Arabia named Samra.

He never thought that his soul mate would come through his activities playing online games, you know.

Quoted from Suar.ID, Samra first met Triston Wallin through the Role Playing Games (RPG) game.

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This RPG game becomes Samra’s solace while working in Saudi Arabia to kill her longing for her family, as well as dealing with her cruel boss.

Unexpectedly, apart from getting entertainment, or friends, Samra also got a mate from there.

In June 2022, Samra started dating Triston Wallin. Triston Wallin is a professional game player from Las Vegas.

After exchanging messages several times, Triston Wallin begins to fall in love with Samra.

They are both involved in several game play including RPG.

TKW named Samra is married to a Caucasian man. collage

TKW named Samra is married to a Caucasian man.

Triston Wallin even gave rare in-game items and also gave Samra some money.

They finally made a video call so they could see each other’s faces.

But Samra tried to hold back her feelings because she was still thinking about her failed past relationship.

Triston also expressed his feelings and continued to approach Samra to melt her heart.

Finally, on Triston’s birthday, Samra accepted, and they were officially in a relationship.

Until in September 2022, Triston proposed to the woman he loved who he had never even met in person. He was sure of his feelings.

A meeting was also planned in the Philippines, Triston flew from the United States to the Philippines, while Samra returned from Saudi Arabia.

In December 2022, they finally met for the first time.

Triston and Samra's reception.

Triston and Samra’s reception.

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When he learned that Samra was a devout Muslim, Triston decided to convert.

He finally married Samra a week later in a traditional Muslim wedding and held a modern reception on 12 December 2022.

Triston currently lives in his wife’s country, but he plans to return to America to apply for Samra’s residence permit in that country.


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