[Spotlight] Destiny Child, Korean Simple RPG

Destiny Child

Finally, the game that has been awaited by the hybrid Japanese and Korean wibu is also released, namely Destiny Child. This game, which tells the story of a person who accidentally becomes a candidate in an otherworldly game competition, is very interesting to play.

Destiny Child Graphics That Make You Feel At Home

[Spotlight]  Destiny Child, Korean Simple RPG

The graphic presented by Destiny Child is very appealing to men’s appetite. With a menu display that can be adjusted starting from the moving Child (character), the beautiful background and interesting effects have become a plus, especially when the Child is pressed it will make a sound.

Destiny Child’s Diverse Game Modes

[Spotlight]  Destiny Child, Korean Simple RPG

In addition to the story mode, Destiny Child has many fun modes to play, such as the Event Dungeon that we can play to get resources that can be used to strengthen the Child and the Exoloration mode where we tell our Child to go on an adventure on their own to add to the experience.

Destiny Child’s Gacha System

[Spotlight]  Destiny Child, Korean Simple RPG

Like other RPG mobile games, Destiny Child doesn’t forget to include features gambling gacha into this game. As usual, the character with the highest rank *5 is very difficult to get but don’t worry, early in the game after the tutorial we will get 2 warranty vouchers *5 and many other prizes that we can use to make money.gamblinghappy gacha. If we get characters *1-*4 we can also increase it to *5, with more effort of course.

Battle Style Destiny Child Simple But Wow

[Spotlight]  Destiny Child, Korean Simple RPG

Destiny Child offers a turn-based RPG that is very simple and easy to understand with counter elements (fire is weak against water, water is weak against wind) along with great effects and unique skills that make Destiny Child fun to play. With 2x speed mode and can automatically make you lazy person busy can play in peace.

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