Special in November, Sony Holds PlayStation Game Discount Promo!

PlayStation November Savings illustration


PlayStation November Savings illustration

GridGames.ID Game development company Sony is holding a special discount PlayStation game for November 2022.

Titled PlayStation November Savings, Sony is unmitigated to give a discount which percentage is quite large, reaching 80%.

With this large enough value, Sony hopes that more people will shop for games on the PlayStation Store.

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As is known, Sony often organizes promos in the form of discounts on game purchases on the PlayStation Store.

Prior to this month, last October Sony also held a special discount similar to Halloween celebrations.

Now, not long ago Sony again held a discount on PlayStation games with a discount value of up to 80%.

Meanwhile, this PlayStation game discount applies to many PlayStation 4 (PS4) and PlayStation 5 (PS5) games, including some popular game names.

Then, what games get a purchase discount?


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