Sony Will Launch 1080p Quality on Cloud Gaming Playstation Now!

Illustration of Sony's cloud gaming service, Playstation Now


Illustration of Sony’s cloud gaming service, Playstation Now

GridGames.ID – Sony is rumored to be launching 1080p graphics soon for games on the PlayStation Now service.

The plan, the quality of the graphics and 1080p streaming will apply to all games on PlayStation Now without exception.

For additional information, PlayStation Now is a cloud-based gaming service made by Sony which was released in 2022 and has almost 700 PlayStation games from various generations.

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Meanwhile, PlayStation Now itself is known to only have the highest game graphic quality at 720p.

Over time, 720p quality is deemed less in line with the current development of the gaming world.

Moreover, more and more Sony’s rivals are releasing cloud gaming with higher quality than PlayStation Now, some even reaching 4K.

Therefore, to ensure that it can still compete with other cloud gaming, Sony will release 1080p quality on the PlayStation Now service.

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Then, when will the 1080p quality on PlayStation Now be launched by Sony?


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