Sony Potentially Faces Lawsuit Over Game Monopoly on PS Store

GridGames.ID – Shocking news came from the global game industry regarding the issue of game monopoly by Sony on the PlayStation Store or PS Store.

Launching from, Sony could potentially face a class-action lawsuit or a class action lawsuit from consumers regarding the monopolistic practice of games on the PS Store.

Representatives of the group claim that Sony has practiced a gaming monopoly by only allowing digital PlayStation games to be purchased through the PS Store

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In the lawsuit, Sony is said to have banned third-party retailers such as Amazon Gamestop from selling download code for PlayStation games.

Sony itself has made the PS Store the only place to buy digital PlayStation games since May 1, 2022.

Later, the class action lawsuit also claims that Sony’s policy has closed all price competition in the retail market for digital PlayStation games.

This is based on the fact that game publishers must be willing to sell games only on the PS Store and relinquish control over retail prices.

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PlayStation Store Website View

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