Sony Again Gives PlayStation Game Discounts, Don’t Miss It!

PS5 game play illustration

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PS5 game play illustration

GridGames.ID – The giant game developer from Japan, Sony, is reportedly holding a discount on PlayStation games.

Sony held a discount for this PlayStation game with a special title, namely the PlayStation Summer Sale.

For those who don’t know, the PlayStation Summer Sale is almost always held by Sony regularly every year.

So you could say, PlayStation Summer Sale 2022 is not the first time.

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The discount for PlayStation games with the title PlayStation Summer Sale itself only applies to games in the PlayStation Store catalog.

For games that are sold offline, you will not necessarily get a similar discount or discount.

Meanwhile, during the PlayStation Summer Sale this time, discounts were given to many games, some of which even had a nominal discount of up to 85%.

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Then, what games are discounted on the PlayStation Summer Sale this time?


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