So Happy, These Fans Post a Photo of the TI 9 Champion on a Billboard!

Team OG managed to win The International twice in a row

Team OG managed to win The International twice in a row – The 2022 international Dota 2 competition has indeed ended, but not with the euphoria.

The International 2022 gave birth to OG as the champions and was entitled to a huge prize pool, over $15 million.

But apparently, not only the OG team celebrating the victory, there were fans who also celebrated this victory.

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OG’s victory became meaningful because it was able to become the first team to defend the title from The International last year.

However, if you don’t do crazy things, you’re not called superfans.

An OG fan in the Philippines named Jean Paul Julia aka Chu Julia did a ridiculous thing: he rented a giant billboard and posted a photo of the OG team.

Yep, apparently he wanted to make sure that his favorite team was known to everyone.

He even asked permission from Ti 9 information supplier Wykrhm Reddy to use the photo to attach to billboards and banners.


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