SO EXCITING! These 7 Best Offline Fighting Games on Android

There’s a lot available right now offline games on Android that we can play for free and of course without using a quota.

Starting from car racing games, horror games and others. All games must be very stressful. Well, another thrilling game is a fighting game. It’s very fitting! Because this time we will recommend the most exciting offline fighting game on Android. Curious? Let’s see!

List of the Best Offline Fighting Games on Android

Although the way to play is similar to an offline war game. However, the following offline fighting games are no less exciting!

1. Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X is the 10th product fighting game in the Mortal Kombat game series, this game was released in 2022 and managed to get a lot of attention from gamers.

This game is also an adventure game, guys. Unfortunately, this game can only be played for those of you who are over 17 years old. Why? Because in this game a lot of very sadistic scenes.

Size 20MB
Rating 4.5
Number of Downloads 10 Million+
Download Here

2. Shadow Fight 2

For those of you who are active on social media like Facebook, surely you already know this game? Yup, Games Shadow Fight 2 This is a continuation of the very popular game Shadow Fight 1 on Facebook.

In this game, you will fight with demons. You also have to try to close the shadow gate that has left your body only the shadow. How do you feel the tension from this game yet?

Size 88MB
Rating 4.6
Number of Downloads 100 Million+
Download Here

3. Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome this is a game made by Gameloft. Yups, in addition to this game, Gameloft publisher also released several other exciting games such as Sniper games and so on.

In this game, you will act as The Ascenders. By becoming The Ascenders, you can awaken Gods, revive monsters and bring back heroes from the past to help you fight against your enemies.

Size 37MB
Rating 4.4
Number of Downloads 10 Million+
Download Here

4. Real Boxing

As the title says, game Real Boxing This presents a very real factor in terms of graphics and gameplay. The first thing you will do before playing is create a character according to your wishes.

After that, you will play with your opponent. To launch an attack, you have to be really focused and wait for your enemy to be weak. Anyway, this game is guaranteed to be more exciting than MOBA games!

Size 43MB
Rating 4.2
Number of Downloads 10 Million+
Download Here

5. Ultimate Robot Fighting

Games Ultimate Robot Fighting this one, is one of the fighting games with the theme of robot games. In this Ultimate Robot Fighting game you will be given 45 kinds of deadly robots.

These robots are robots that are ready to fight in nine different arenas. In this game, you will be presented with a real-time timeline of day and night. Wow! This is so much fun guys…

Size 49MB
Rating 4.4
Number of Downloads 5 Million+
Download Here

6. Injustice: Gods Among Us

On game Injustice: Gods Among Us In this, you will fight against enemies to save the city. In each match, only consists of one round or one chance only.

So, if you lose, then you have to start the battle from the beginning of the match. However, you will be given the opportunity to use atomic bombs to fight the enemies. Anyway, this game is guaranteed to be fun, no less exciting than open world games.

Size 32MB
Rating 4.4
Number of Downloads 10 Million+
Download Here

7. Punch Boxing 3D

For those of you who have dreams of being a boxer, you really have to try the game Punch Boxing 3D. Because, in this game you will fight boxing from the initial level. If you manage to pass level after level, then you will succeed to become a star and fight in the boxing ring.

So, this game can motivate and train you how to fight from scratch to eventually become a star in the boxing ring. Calm! This game does not include games that are prohibited, guys. Because it is still safe to be played by various ages.

Size 18MB
Rating 4.3
Number of Downloads 50 Million+
Download Here

So, how are you guys? Which game do you think is the most exciting? Let’s share the story in the comments column!

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