Six deadly beginner mistakes when playing Genshin Impact!

6 mistakes of Genshin Impact beginners! Genshin Impact is a game of the genre of open world, and it is difficult for beginners to understand.

There are many aspects to this game that you need to learn to avoid making fatal mistakes that affect gameplay.

The following is 6 common mistakes What to do when a beginner plays Genshin Impact:

1. Roaster weapon upgrade

Genshin Impact weapon types are divided into the lowest star 1 to the highest star 5. Of course, 5-star weapons are much less rare.

At the beginning of the game, many novice players want to upgrade or refine their 1 or 2 star weapons, although collecting fortified ore is not easy.

So it’s a shame that when used to upgrade a 1 or 2 star weapon, the effect of the upgrade will be more pronounced when used with a 3-5 star weapon.

2. Prohibition of changing characters during battle

Why is it important to change characters during combat? Changing characters after an attack triggers an attribute reaction that maximizes party damage.

In the example scenario, use Amber’s Pyro Arrow to activate the fire element, swap characters, and use the Wind Elemental Tornado to attack enemies. The damage that comes out is many times greater than relying on just one character or element.

So make sure you have a combination of characters with different elements. Examples of other combos you can see in the video below:

3. Don’t rush to finish the game

When the adventurer rank reaches 20, World Level 1 will be released. The higher the world level, the stronger the fighting monsters. If you are in a hurry, you will have a hard time fighting these powerful monsters.

This is a game that needs polishing. That means leveling up, collecting moras, upgrading weapons and artifacts, and more. May your character become stronger and ready to fight strong monsters after the world level rises.

4. Don’t use adventurer books

This is a mistake that beginners often make. Although using the Adventurer’s Handbook can be very helpful in improving the progress of the game.

Perform quests in the Adventurer’s Handbook and you’ll be asked to upgrade your weapons, artifacts, and characters to earn rewards!

You can also raise the rank level of your adventure by performing quests in the adventure book...

It’s very suitable because you need or don’t need to do all of the above to improve your ability.

Adventurer rank quests required to become stronger

5. Level up all characters

Level up only the main character you want to use. It is important that your character quickly reaches level 20 and raises the level to unlock it.

When all characters are leveled up, it’s usually hard to fight strong monsters when exploring or questing, as none of them stand out.

This also applies to weapons and artifacts. Focus on a few key characters so you can invest enough in them.

6. Do not mark the map

One of the items you must collect to play Genshin Impact is Anemoclus / Geocurus (Anemo or Geo, depending on your first character) Level up ofSeven Tachu..

Depending on the level of the statue, the required anemocurus will vary. For example, if a statue reaches level 9, you need 15 anemoculus to reach level 10.

Teyvat has 65 anemoculus. The location of all Anemo Cruz of Genshin Impact can be found here. Whenever you get an anemocurus, you need to mark its location on the map.

This is important because anemoculus cannot respawn.So you guys mark You don’t have to waste time in the same place.

The importance of map marks in Genshin Impact!

What other mistakes beginners often make when playing Genshin Impact? Spinners, please comment below this article.

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