Simple ways to overcome the restricted WLAN access under Windows 10

Wireless Internet access or Wireless fidelity is a technology for wireless data exchange (a type of radio wave) from one device to another. To connect WiFi to a device, WiFi usually has a limited range that can be connected to the WiFi via an access point commonly known as a hotspot. However, there is a very fundamental problem with WLAN users, namely the problem of Limited access. Usually, some WiFi users who want to connect their devices to WiFi have this problem.

But you don’t have to worry because to solve the problem Limited access using WiFi is actually quite simple. Because basically this problem occurs in your IP address settings, which are set manually. To fix it, all you have to do is to switch it to automatic. However, in some cases there are other issues that can cause WiFi to become one Limited access. Curious how to overcome WiFi Limited access?

Here’s an easy way to overcome WiFi Limited access when connecting under Windows 10.


1. Call up the control panel on your PC / laptop by clicking on the icon begin in the lower left corner, then select the icon settings (Switchboard).

2. On the menu Switchboard, Select Network & Internet.

3. Then choose Change connection properties.

4th Scroll below, on the menu IP settings Select Automatic (DHCP).

Note: For OS Windows 8 and lower, the method is almost the same, it is in Switchboard and select part network. However, the only difference is in appearance.

In addition to setting the IP to Automatic or Automatic, you can start anew Then reconnect your device.

It is not easy to overcome WiFi Limited access when connecting? I hope you can easily surf the Internet without it Limited access error.

This is a tutorial on how to easily overcome WiFi Limited access in Windows 10. Hopefully useful.

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