Simple ways to bot Pokemon Go with PokeBot Ninja (GUI)

For this time, I’ll be sharing the GUI version of the Pokemon Go bot. GUI itself stands for Graphical user interface with the meaning of this pokemon go bot looks great, unlike the bots we mostly know who interfaceit’s only limited console or not far from the CMD view (command prompt).

The name for this bot is PokeBot Ninja, this bot not only has good looks but also interesting features and of course this bot is anti Gently locked.

Here are the easy steps to get started PokeBot Ninja:

1. First, make sure your PC is installedTo install Java in there. If not, please install it first.To install Java is easy too, just stay in it next and next only.

Download PokeBot Ninja

2. Download the bot and extract in a folder. The location of the free folder can be anywhere. (Download link at the end of the article).

3. Open the file startbot.cmd in the folder you have extract before. If you haveTo install Java then Login form will be displayed as shown below:

Sign up

3. Enter your Google or PTC account along with Password-it, then click Sign up.

4. If it is successful, it will be in PokeBot Ninja and we just click Start to start bots.

before Start we can also set options with Checklist or checklist, Determine the location, determine the speed of the road and automatic transmission Pokémon. We can alsoManage inventory by pressing the key Manage inventory.

Easy ways to bot Pokemon Go with PokeBot Ninja (GUI)

To make it easier to find out the latitude and longitude coordinates for the location Agriculture Pokemon can use Online converter on the website

4. Have fun hunting Pokémon with this easy-to-use bot.

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