Simple ways to automatically delete a telegram account

In the world of chat applications, security functions are one of the most important functions. In the Telegram chat application itself; There are 3 security features available, namely app lock, two-step confirmation and active session. While all three are safety features, they have different benefits and roles.

Functions of the safety functions in Telegram

For the security function, the application lock is used to lock your Telegram account. So you can’t worry about opening a Telegram account on your device. In order to be able to open a Telegram account, you must first enter a PIN password when opening the application.

The two-step verification feature is one of the security features that many other applications already have. By activating this function; then you have to enter the password when you log in on another device.

The active session function recognizes the device on which you are logged in with your Telegram account. This feature allows you to log out of your Telegram account on all devices except the device you are currently using.

Automatically delete telegram account

But did you know that the Telegram app has another security feature. This function is used to automatically delete your Telegram account that has never been opened and used. Interestingly, in the function for automatically deleting the telegram account there is no option to switch it off / off. In any case, your account will be deleted based on the specified time period. Your Telegram account will be automatically deleted along with all group history, messages and contacts.

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1. Open the Telegram application on your device and then log in with the Telegram account you are still using. When you’re done, open Telegram account settings by clicking the icon three lines the top left corner of the Telegram application and select the menu arrangement. In the Settings folder, click the menu Privacy and security.

Simple options for automatically deleting a telegram account

2. On the Privacy & Security page, scroll down and look for a feature called delete my account. Click on the function and select the time of the automatic account deletion or. There are 4 options for automatic account cancellation viz 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. Select and click one of the automatic account destruction times. Done, now is the time to destroy your Telegram account, active.

3. Remember that the time is counted as soon as you close the Telegram app on your device. If within the selected time period; If you do not open a Telegram account, the Telegram account will be automatically deleted.

Simple options for automatically deleting a telegram account


This is a simple guide on how to activate the automatic deletion function of your Telegram account. By enabling this feature, you will no longer have to worry, your Telegram account, which will never be used again, will be hacked by other people and used for irresponsible things.

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