Simple options for Bukalapak payments with OVO

Bukalapak is a buy and sell site on-line Bukalapak, famous in Indonesia, was founded by 100% of the country’s children Ahmad Zaky, from the beginning until now, Bukalapak is the only one E-commerce always making significant updates to each of its functions.

OVO is a wallet service on-line which has been approved by the OJK and has become one of the wallet applications on-line which is widespread in Indonesia, OVO has worked with several Start up like Tokopedia and Grab, the benefits of OVO with a wallet on-line the other concerns payments and withdrawals where users can easily make payments and also withdraw to their bank accounts.

Even if Bukalapak and OVO don’t work together, there is a little trick you can use to pay with OVO. If you’re curious, here’s the tutorial.

How to pay for Bukalapak through OVO.


– Account OVO you have to be accountable premiere

– Have you verified your Bukalapak account with your mobile phone number


1. You pay for the goods you want.

2. When choosing the payment method, choose Bank Transfer and click the button Counting.

3. Then you get the account number and the amount to be paid, you choose one of the banks you want (the author uses Bank Mandiri).

4. You open your OVO application and click on the menu Transfer.

5. Select the menu Transfer to bank account.

6. At the target bank, change it to the bank you selected in the Bukalapak application, then enter the account number in the column provided and enter the transfer amount as provided by the Bukalapak application and Tap on button Keep going.

7. Make sure the recipient’s name is the name of. reads and double check the transfer amount, don’t get it wrong if you are sure Tap on button Transfer.

8. Make sure the OVO notification you receive is in the status successfully like the picture below.

9. Return to the Bukalapak application and Tap on button View bill payments.

10. Then check the status section, if it is successful it will change to Paidand if not, you have to wait 10 minutes at most.

11. Done.

Note: If it’s been more than 10 minutes, it’s still in status Waiting for payment You check again whether the transfer amount and account number are correct, if they are correct, you ask Customer service

This is a simple guide on how to make Bukalapak payments using OVO. Hope it’s useful.

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