Simple Minimalist, This is the Apple Arcade Controller Design Concept!

GridGames.ID – Recently, images circulated regarding the game controller design concept from Apple’s gaming platform, Apple Arcade.

This image was first circulated on the image-sharing platform from the United States, Pinterest.

Meanwhile, the designer of the Apple Arcade gaming controller concept is a German product designer, Hannes Geipel.

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Apple itself is known to have never released an original controller from Apple Arcade.

So far, users who want to play games on Apple Arcade have to use other game controllers.

Some of them are Microsoft’s Xbox controller and Sony’s PlayStation joystick.

In response to this, Hannes Geipel tried to realize the image of the original Apple Arcade controller through the design concepts he shared.

Then, what is the design concept of Hannes Geipel’s Apple Arcade controller?


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