Similar to AirPods, this is how the TWS Gaming PS5 Design Concept Looks!

GridGames.ID – In the last few days, the public has been shocked by the appearance of the PS5 gaming TWS design concept in cyberspace.

The design product sharing site, Yanko Design, was the first platform for the emergence of the TWS gaming PlayStation 5 design concept.

Meanwhile, the party responsible for the design process of this design concept is a designer named Adam Shen.

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Sony, as the company that manufactures the PS5 game console itself, has never released any PS5-themed gaming TWS until now.

So far, Sony has focused more on developing the PS5 VR Headset rather than releasing other companion accessories.

Departing from this reason, Adam Shen tried to realize a design concept picture of the TWS gaming PS5 made by Sony which he designed and shared on the Yanko Design website.

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Then, what does the TWS gaming PS5 design concept look like by Adam Shen?


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