Shueisha Creates a Studio Focused on Mobile Games

Known as publisher famous and legendary manga, like Dragon Ball, Captain Tsubasa, Hokuto no Kenand so on, it seems Shueisha want to break their market into the industry games by creating a new division formed with a special studio named as Shueisha Games.

Apparently, Shueisha is still not satisfied, despite the production project Their biggest one, the Jump Force anime, has been announced.


For your information, Shueisha is a company publishing from Japan with headquarters in Tokyo. In essence, Shueisha only operates as a company publishing ordinary people who publish magazines whose segmentation is for the general public.

However, over time, Shounen Jump under the auspices of Shueisha became a huge success, and later, Shueisha was known as the “home” of the manga that had great success in the market. entertainment Japan.

Currently, Shueisha Games formed by Shueisha focuses on creating various mobile games from their manga publish.

Including one that is still mysterious, because the exact details of the manga that will be adapted from Shueisha are not yet known. However, the silhouette has been revealed from the visual design characters that will appear in games their creation.


Even though the silhouettes of the characters have been shown, it seems that it’s still not enough to get a concrete picture of what the manga is going to be project from the current Shueisha. Likely, it could be the silhouettes of the characters Black Clover. But we do not know for sure, until now.

Apart from that, Shueisha also announced some game projects their cooperation which you can read in more detail at website their official. Almost all project their collaboration will be released in the range of 2022. So make sure not to miss it! Following project they:

ONI: Road to be the Mightiest Oni

  • Release Schedule: 2022
  • Genre: Action 3D
  • Platforms: Not announced yet

The Tower: To the Bottom

  • Release Schedule: Summer 2022
  • Genre: Survival Rougelike Adventure
  • Platforms: Not announced yet


  • Release Schedule: 2022 to early 2023
  • Genre: Japan Cyberpunk Adventure
  • Platforms: Not announced yet

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimension

  • Release Schedule: Summer 2022
  • Genre: Action Tactics
  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch


After Shueisha formed her special division to make gameswill we get a lot masterpiece from Shueisha’s creations? Only time can answer that.

Hopefully Shueisha Games can transform into a big division that can compete with companies like Bandai Namco and others.

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