Showing off Overwatch Playing Skills, Jungkook BTS Floods Praise on Twitter

GridGames – For K-Pop lovers, the name Jeon Jungkook aka Jungkook BTS must be familiar.

The youngest member of the South Korean mega boyband is popular thanks to his handsome looks and undoubted vocal abilities.

Among BTS fans or commonly referred to as Army, Jungkook is also known as a game enthusiast.

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One of his favorite games is Overwatch.

In South Korea, the game Overwatch is indeed one of the most popular games today.

Recently, Jungkook enlivened the Twitter universe after uploading a video clip when he was playing Overwatch.

This video was shared through the official BTS account, @BTS_twt, on Thursday (31/10/2019).

Only 17 seconds long, Jungkook completes it with the caption, “After a long time.”

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