Shhh.. These are the 5 Newest Skin Leaks that will be Present in Mobile Legends

Claude - Dragon Hell

Youtube Mobile Legends Arks

Claude – Dragon Hell

GridGames.ID – MOBA game, Mobile Legends, since eSports is growing rapidly and this game is being contested a lot, so it’s very common to release new skins.

There are Legends, Elite, Epic, and other skins for the heroes in the game to make them look cooler.

This time there are 5 new skins that will be released or released by Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends.

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Prepare a lot of your diamonds, because who knows, one of these 5 skins will be given to your favorite hero.

Here are 5 leaked skins that will be present in Mobile Legends.

1. Guinevere (Fleur de Bleau)

Guinevere - Fleur de Bleau

Youtube Mobile Legends Arks

Guinevere – Fleur de Bleau

This skin is called Fleur de Bleau, where this beautiful skin is devoted to the latest Mobile Legends hero, Guinevere.

Fleur de Bleau will be released together with this beautiful hero, Lancelot, on May 21, 2022.

Later you can buy it in the form of a bundle with the hero using diamonds, where there will be a 30% discount in the first week after release.

2. Hanzo (Undead King)

Hanzo - Undead King

Youtube Mobile Legends Arks

Hanzo – Undead King

This assassin hero who specializes in Reap/Burst will get a new skin, you know.

Hanzo will have an Elite skin called Undead King.

There is no news when this skin will be released. For those who are curious, just wait for further news, yha!

3. Kimmy (Bio Frontier)

Kimmy - Bio Frontier

Youtube Mobile Legends Arks

Kimmy – Bio Frontier

This Splash Queen has a green shot on her newest skin, Bio Frontier.

This Marksman/Mage Hero will be made a new skin, but the news is still confusing.

There are some news circulating that this skin is said to be Elite skin or for Starlight Member in May.

Duh, let’s just wait for the confirmation for Kimmy’s new skin.

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4. Alucard (Obsidian Blade)

Alucard - Obsidian Blade

Youtube Mobile Legends Arks

Alucard – Obsidian Blade

This motorbike skin is the latest Legends skin for the Fighter/Assassin hero, Alucard.

Obsidian Blade has cool animation effects that will be displayed in Alucard’s skills, as well as a recall effect.

Reportedly, this Alucard Legends skin will be officially released on May 26, 2022.

5. Claude (Dragon Hell)

Claude - Dragon Hell

Youtube Mobile Legends Arks

Claude – Dragon Hell

The monkey became a dragon? Yep, Claude’s newest skin was really confusing at first.

Why? Because who would have thought that Claude, who used to be with Dexter, his pet monkey, was now carrying a small dragon that could fly.

This Dragon Hell skin is reportedly a Special skin and doesn’t know when it will be officially released on Mobile Legends.


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