Seven Knights Time Wanderer Game Ready to Play on Nintendo Switch

Netmarble is pleased to announce that it will release Seven Knights Time Wanderer on the Nintendo Switch live in 40 countries on November 5. Let’s take a look at the video trailer for the Seven Knights Wanderer game

Seven Knights Time Wanderer Game Trailer

Official site Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – It has also been updated with information about all the characters in the game, new screenshots and soundtrack, as well as the last chapter of the promoted webtoon. Players can see all the content that will appear when the game releases on November 5th in the new ‘Features’ tab.

Seven Knights Time Wanderer is adapted directly from their popular Game Seven Knights Mobile

Of course Seven Knights Time Wanderer is adapted directly from their popular game Seven Knights Mobile. Real-time, turn-based RPG with stunning visuals. Seven Knights–Time Wanderer– featuring a new control and battle system as well as game content that has been optimized for the console platform. This game which is a single player RPG has a plot and an ending. Seven Knights–Time Wanderer– provides the pleasure of building a deck by using a variety of heroes according to the desired strategy.

Seven Knights–Time Wanderer focuses on the story of the eighth member of the Seven Knights, Vanessa and his flagship magic tool, the hourglass known as Sandy. This game tells the story of Vanessa’s journey to return home safely after falling into the maze of space and time.

list Seven Knights – Time Wanderer

Seven Knights – Time Wanderer – available for pre-order starting next October 29. The game will be released globally as a digital package via the Nintendo eShop in each region on November 5. Find more information, pictures and teasers Seven Knights –Time Wanderer on the official site and Twitter.

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