Serious Ax gang investors want to play them in MPL.

Serious Ax gang investors want them to play in MPL!

photo via yt sherry Ceyii

Gang Ax investors seriously want to see them play and compete in MPL Indonesia!

There are investors who reportedly want to fund the Ax Gang (GPX) to play in MPL Indonesia in 2022.

It’s not yet known who the target investors are, but they want to see Ax Gang with veteran Indonesian mobile legend players playing in MPL.

Even recently, as a member of Ax Gang, Baim Wong told Donkey that he invited investors who wanted to raise money to play in MPL to meet Baim Wong, Oura and Donkey.

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To discuss the potential of Ax gangs to play in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Indonesia’s highest league. This can happen if a member decides to play.

In Donkey’s livestreaming session on NIMO TV, Baim Wong said:

“I want to see you again,” Donkey added.

“Yes, he’s very serious. I said Donkey and Oura were their business.” Reply to Bikkuri.

Geng Kapak itself is a new eSports team formed by veteran Indonesian Mobile Legends players such as Donkey and Oura.

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Ax gang mpl season 7
Photos via yt oura

Thanks to the team’s big name, Indonesian Mobile Legends fans want to be able to play at MPL, Indonesia’s best Mobile Legends tournament.

However, playing with MPL is not easy. That’s because teams currently have to pay for more than 15 billion franchise leagues.

But it was easy for Ax Gang, as Donkey himself previously stated that Ax Gang was offered by many investors and allowed them to participate in the Mobile Legends competition.

But he seems hesitant to discuss it further! For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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