SensiCapa FF V7 Apk, Auto Booyah (Free Fire)

SensiCapa FF V7 Apk

SensiCapa FF V7 Apk – So far Free Fire or FF is still an exciting game to play. So don’t be surprised if there are still a lot of players or gamers on this one. We also make sure that those reading this article are Survivors or FF players. If that’s the case then it’s very right to be on this site

On this good occasion, we will share and also explain the application that can be used to set the sensitivity of the Free Fire game that you are playing. By doing ways like this you can set the auto headshoot which will make auto Booyah. How is this method interesting for you to do

If you are really interested or want to set the sensitivity of the auto headshot so that it will auto booyah then please use the Sensi Capa FF application. By using this application we hope you can really feel the auto booyah. If you have never felt booyah who knows this application can help you

Well, now if you really want to use or also get SensiCapa FF V7 Apk please download and also pay attention to what we will explain. Besides you will get the application file, you will also get an explanation which is of course very important for you to know in using this application

SensiCapa FF V7 Apk Review

As usual, before you download or also have an application, we mean in an auto booyah effort for the Free Fire game that you are playing. So on this good opportunity you should know a little information about this application. Although we are a little bit sure the information about this one application is very important for you to know

Sensi Capa FF V7 Apk is a cheat application whose function we have explained above. More specifically, this application functions to adjust the sensitivity so that it auto-headshoots. We have shared many similar applications in previous posts. This time we will share it again so that you have many options

Download Sensi Capa FF V7 Apk

If you already understand or can understand the functions and uses of this application. Then the next stage, please download it to be able to use the application and prove if this application really works. We make sure that you are more thorough and confident before downloading and installing this application


After the next successful download, please just install it. To avoid failure or error notifications in an attempt to install, please enter the settings menu, select security, and also select unknown sources. Because this application comes from an unusual source, it is very important to do the settings on your cellphone

How to Use SensiCapa FF V7 Apk

  • The first step, please make sure you have downloaded and installed this application
  • Then please open or run the application
  • Then the settings menu will appear to be able to adjust the sensitivity
  • Please set it according to your wishes
  • Do a test run after setting up
  • Good luck

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The final word

That’s what we can explain and share with you. With you using SensiCapa FF V7 Apk We hope you can find the right settings to make an auto headshot attempt. Good luck and good luck. That’s all from us, see you again on the next opportunity.

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