Semarang City Government Releases Local Wisdom SHIELD Program, Marvel Plagiarism?

Indonesian government authorities seem to never get tired of embracing children’s hobbies millennials as well as Gen Z to be the inspiration for their programming. For example, in the middle of last year, the Ministry of Health carried out a vaccine campaign by embracing the weasel.

Now, it’s the Semarang City Government’s turn to act. By including terms that are very familiar to Marvel fans, the Semarang City Government has released a program called SHIELD.

The SHIELD program was released directly by the Mayor of Semarang Hendrar Prihadi at the Semarang City Spatial Planning Office on Friday (1/4/2022).

SHIELD itself which is a program of the Semarang City Government which stands for Spatial Holistic Integrated Environment and Land Division which means the division of the holistic integration of spatial environment and land.

Unlike the original SHIELD which is a fictional special forces in universe Marvel, SHIELD from Semarang City Government is a program that is closely related to the geographical ecosystem in Semarang City.


For your information, SHIELD at Marvel was home to several Super hero famous, such as Iron Man, which is said to be played by Tom Cruise, or Nick Fury, played by Sam L. Jackson.

According to the Semarang City Government, this program aims to support the sustainable development of the City of Semarang, in accordance with the 5th mission of the mayor who has great intentions and interest in realizing environmentally sound development.

Conceptually, the SHIELD program has enough potential to be developed further, in order to move towards a better stage of Indonesia’s development ecosystem. However, the problem must be reaped by this program because of one important thing: Logo.

The Semarang City Government SHIELD logo was presented to netizens in a tweet on their Public Relations Twitter account.

The logo of SHIELD that was coined by the Semarang City Government is allegedly the exact same SHIELD that Marvel has used so far. Netizens suspect that this logo is highly plagiarized and uncreative. Plus, there is a high possibility that if this logo is maintained, it will cause problems copyright from Marvel’s side.

From account @Titiandoro, he stated that there was no significant difference between SHIELD Marvel and the Semarang City Government’s SHIELD. It differs only in the abbreviation of the acronym. “Because the only difference is that it stands for the word “SHIELD”. Marvel: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. Semarang City Government: Spatial Holistic Integrated Environment and Land Division,” he said.

Comments from this account already represent various criticisms that enter the account @humaspemkotsmg (Public Relations Semarang City Government). Most of them criticized the city government for not being creative in making ideas.

Apart from the incoming scathing comments and criticism, netizens also suspect that the creation of this logo and program is motivated by several things. “Semarang city government looks like it’s finished a marathon” Agent of Shield deh wkwkwk,” tweeted @nerva_antoninus.

With so many scathing comments and criticisms that go into tweets the. tweets As of today, it has been removed by the Semarang City Government. There has been no further comment from the City Government regarding the logo, but it is believed that the logo will most likely be revised to avoid further problems.

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