Selena ‘Double Identity’ Skin Starlight Mobile Legends October 2022

GridGames.ID – Apart from heroes, Mobile Legends is known to be incessantly releasing skins for its heroes.

Entering October, there are several skins that will be presented for the heroes.

One of them is Selena’s skin, Double Identity, which opened in October.

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This Assassin/Mage hero with the Reap/Burst specialty will look different than usual.

Selena has two identities or personalities where she can be a beautiful maid or a scary monster.

This skin is an exclusive Starlight Member skin for October 2022.

Selena Starlight Mobile Legends October 2022


Selena Starlight Mobile Legends October 2022

To get this skin, you can immediately become a Starlight Member in October 2022 and get other benefits from this membership.


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