Secret Tricks Searching on Google to Make It Easier

Google has become mandatory nowadays to find information, whatever information you can get from Google search media.

Starting from reading on Google books, searching for information, accessing email and so on.

There are also many applications made by Google that are selling well in the market such as Gmail, Android, YouTube, Chrome and others.

Well, this time TipsPintar will give you the secret of searching on Google easily. Curious how? Read this article to the end!

Secrets of Searching on Google to Make it Easier

Google provides various kinds of information, but sometimes the information provided is still general with what you expect. Here is a tutorial so you can more easily search on Google:

1. Using TYou (-).

Sign (-)

This (-) sign is used when you want to exclude the word you want to search for in Google search. With this tag you can search for much more specific information or articles.

For example, you want to find articles about smartphones. Well, you can search for articles that don’t use WordPress. So, later the articles that appear are various kinds of smartphone articles but those that don’t use WordPress.

2. Using Kquote (“….”).

Using quotes

Sometimes you want to find information with the desired keywords, but sometimes what appears is a variety of information that is sometimes irrelevant or less specific to the keywords you want.

To search for information with the keywords you want so that the information provided is exactly the same as the desired keywords, you can use these quotes (“…”).

3. Using the T . Signilde (~)

Using tilde

This tilde (~) is used when you want to find synonyms or related to the word you want.

Usually this mark is used to search for terms or synonyms of the desired word. By using this tilde your search will be even more specific.

4. Using the Time Range (xx…xx)

Using timeframe

If you want to find information within a certain time, you can use the time range to find the desired information and don’t forget to add a double period between years, guys!

5. Using Filetype:

Filetype or file type you are looking for

If you are a student or a student who wants to search for teaching and learning needs and want a certain file type that you are looking for, you can use (filetype:…) want.

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So that’s it guys, tips from TipsPintar about the secrets of searching on Google easily so you can immediately find the information you want. It’s easy? Write in the comments column yes!

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