Schedule and Explanation of the M2 World Championship Group Drawing, Take a Note!

GridGames.ID – The M2 World Championship group drawing schedule has been officially announced.

Moonton as the organizer will do a live M2 World Championship group drawing on December 12, 2022.

There are several rules that will be applied to the group drawing of the M2 World Championship.

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This is implemented in order to uphold sportsmanship and fairness in organizing the tournament.

Prior to the drawing process, 12 teams were grouped into 3 pools of 4 teams each.

From each pool, one team will be determined to occupy the specified group.

M2 World Championship group draw pool.


M2 World Championship group draw pool.

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Later, 1 group will be filled by 3 teams. M2 World Championship itself divides 12 teams into 4 groups.

Teams from the same country are not allowed to be in the same group.

If that happens, then the drawing will be repeated until the results are in accordance with the rules.


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