Scammer features you should know when playing among us

These are the general characteristics of scammers that you should know when playing among us.

The hardest part of playing among us is guessing who is a scammer and who is not.

This is part of the game among us and cannot be avoided at all costs.

But you all find that being a scammer is much more exciting than being a crew member, just because his only job is to kill the crew. I will agree.

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2 among us

On the other hand, the crew’s job is only to complete the same mission. In this regard, if you join the crew, there is a trick to guess who Imspot is.

SPIN Esports provides the Impostor feature on Among Us.

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Discussion of the first sentence

First of all, you can recognize the scammer from the first sentence he said during the discussion.

Impersonation usually begins a conversation with the words “who?”. Or “where?”

The front and back are not clear

The second feature is to go back and forth between what looks very quiet without completing the mission at all.

It’s the shortest mission if he’s a crew, but he stays in the garbage dump for too long.

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Sabotage scammer

When I walk again, it suddenly becomes quiet and the alarm sounds immediately.

The scammer then suddenly stops with the sound of an alarm or obstruction he makes.

This is because you need to be silent before pressing the jamming button to do the jamming.

Always away from the crowd

The next feature is that scammers always stay away from crowded areas and always travel alone, as their mission is to kill other crew members who are alone.

I like to follow other players

The last and most common feature is that it keeps track of other players or the next victim and is quickly killed in a quiet place.

These are the features of the SPINEsports version of Impostor that you can apply when playing Among Us.

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