Save the Date Player! Here’s How To Get Satoshi Pikachu Sword And Shield 2022! (FINAL UPDATE 30 Oct 2022!)

As part of last night’s announcement of the second Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion pass, in addition to the various gimmicks announced, there is also one special content for Pikachu fans that will be released. The Satoshi Pikachu Sword and Shield version will be available again if you enter the keywords announced in various content Pokemon spread across various media. With 8 different versions available, when and where will these keywords appear? Come read more to find out.

Types of Satoshi Pikachu Sword and Shield

Satoshi Pikachu Sword and Shield will be available in 8 versions, of which seven are versions that have been released previously, with the addition of the 8th version which is Pikachu wearing the World Championship version of the hat (the hat worn by Satoshi in the latest anime series). ). While all 7 Satoshi Pikachus have previously been available, this is a great opportunity for players to complete their collection. Then, how to get all of them? Here’s the list:

Pikachu Original

satoshi pikachu sword and shield-01

The first Satoshi Pikachu Sword and Shield that you can get is the Original Pikachu that uses the Satoshi hat from the first anime series. The keyword for this Pikachu was released in yesterday’s announcement which is P1KACHUGET. So for those of you who missed yesterday’s announcement, immediately enter the keyword to get this Pikachu as soon as possible.

Pikachu Hoen

satoshi pikachu sword and shield-02

For Satoshi Pikachu Sword and Shield, this has been revealed in a special broadcast on October 2, 2022, which will discuss moving the anime series airtime. Pokemon latest from Sunday to Friday. At the Special Online Live Talk it was announced that The code for this Satoshi Pikachu is P1KAADVANCE.

Pikachu Shinoh, Unnova, Alola, & World Championship

satoshi pikachu sword and shield-03

With the start of Friday’s airing for the anime series Pokemon update, then on the same day you will be able to get the next Satoshi Pikachu Sword and Shield keyword. For 4 consecutive weeks, keywords will be available for those of you who follow the latest episodes every week. Here are the respective dates and Pikachu Satoshi you can get:

  • For the episode on October 9th, you will be able to get Satoshi Pikachu Sinnoh if you enter the code V0LTTACKLEP1KA (The number zero in place of the letter O).
  • For the October 16 episode, you will be able to get Satoshi Pikachu Unova by entering the code P1KABESTW1SH
  • At the episode screening on October 23, you will be able to get the code for the Pikachu with the Satoshi hat version Alola by entering the code ULTRAP1KA
  • And at the screening of the episode on October 30, the newest Satoshi Pikachu, namely the World Championship cap, will be available. The code for the Pikachu is K1NP1KA1855.

Pikachu Karos

satoshi piakchu sword and shield-04

For this Satoshi Pikachu Sword and Shield, variety show Pokemon no Uchi Atsumaru? on October 18, 2022 will be the place where the keyword will be announced. Code that can be entered to get Satoshi Pikachu KALOS stamp version is KAL0SP1KA (The number 0 instead of the letter o).

Pikachu “I Choose You”

satoshi pikachu sword and shield-05

And the last Satoshi Pikachu Sword and Shield you can get is Pikachu with a Satoshi hat from the movie “I Choose You” (Kimi ni Kimeta) which was released in 2022. Also known as Partner Cap, in the Japanese version, there is still no exact date when it will be available. get it, however, the code for this Pikachu itself has been released by Pokemon US, in the Pikachu Distribution section on. By entering 1CH00SEYOU (Use zeros instead of the letter O), you will be able to immediately get this version of Pikachu. So, what are you waiting for? Immediately go to the website and enter the code in your game to get this version of Pikachu.

How to Enter the Satoshi Pikachu Sword and Shield Code

For those of you who are still confused about how to enter the codes you get, here are the instructions for entering them.

  1. In your Pokemon Sword and Shield game, go to the Mystery Gift section of the X Menu.
  2. Select Get a Mystery Gift, and continue with Get with Code/Password. Don’t forget that you must be connected to the internet while doing this.
  3. Enter the code you get and see how the Pikachu you enter the code appears in your party or Pokemon Boxes. Don’t forget to save your data when you get it.

Remember well Mobidachi that this code will work until November 30, 2022, so you will have enough time to get the Pikachu you want. So, don’t forget the date above, and keep checking this page for code updates too.

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