Save the Date! MLBB KOF 2022 is in sight

After casting success last year, now MLBB KOF is back in 2022 to answer the calls of all its fans. The collaboration of two big names, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and this King of Fighters, will present 6 more epic skins the same as before. But this year, it doesn’t stop there, you can also get a variety of things and feel it. What are they? Let’s read on to find out more.

MLBB KOF 2022 Brings 6 Original Skins

As part of the 2022 Summer Event, this year’s MLBB KOF will have various things that can be accessed starting on August 12, 2022. Of course, the first is the sale of the six collaboration skins that appeared last year. With a time limit of September 10, 2022, players will be able to get Leona for Karina, Iori Yagami for Chou, Athena for Guineverre, K’ for Gusion, Kula Diamon for Aurora, and Orochi Chris for Dyrroth. Why is this skin so special? Because by installing the skin on your Hero, the movement and sound change according to their model character in the King of Fighters game itself. No wonder, this makes many people want it.

Therefore, for those of you who missed the opportunity to get these skins last year, or for those of you who have just joined this year, it is highly recommended that you buy your favorite skin as soon as possible. Not only because of its uniqueness, but we also don’t know when these skins will be sold, or will the next MLBB KOF still have the same line up, or will there be more MLBB KOF? Because this might be the last time you can get them.

What’s more besides skins?

Then, from August 15 to 21, you will be given the opportunity to pre-order KOF Strikes. In addition, make sure you clear August 22, 2022, because every player who logs in on that day will be able to access 1 KOF Chest which will reward you with 2 KOF Stamps. 1 KOF Stamps itself will give you a chance to get 1 chance for the KOF Bingo Lottery. Don’t worry if you feel that the stamps distributed are lacking, because KOF Stamps themselves can be obtained at the KOF Collection which is held from 22 to 24 August 2022.

Make sure you collect as many of these KOF Stamps because for KOF Bingo itself, you will be given the opportunity to get the MLBB KOF epic skin this time for free, with Leona’s skin you can be sure to get it in 10x draws. Then, if you haven’t been able to get the skin permanently, there will be a chance to get trial skins for the six characters by joining the Veterans Callback event and completing existing tasks from August 18 to September 6. On this occasion, you will also be able to get KOF Bingo if your share code is used up to 15 times.

And finally, besides this special skin, you can get various items and emotes related to this MLBB KOF event. Therefore Mobidachi, make sure you follow all the events in this collaboration.

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