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This morning while surfing on Twitter, I found something odd about some of the illustrators I follow. Some of these artists show a fanart of sailor Moon, with the same pose, but drawn in their own style. The hashtags included in each of these tweets are #sailormoonredraw. This intrigued me and with so many people joining, I started to investigate the full story behind the hashtag.

The Beginning of a Trend

#SailorMoonRedraw for this scene version starting on May 6, 2022, with a freelance artist from Japan with a twitter user @norikoi_noriko, redrawing a scene from anime sailor Moon 90s. The scene that is an example is a scene from the series Sailor Moon S episode 36, or the 125th episode of the entire 90s Sailor Moon series. This redrawn scene itself, only happens briefly and for those who are curious to see the original image, can check the episode in question and slow down the video after Sailor Neptune and Uranus shackled by Mistress 9.

When #Sailormoonredraw Becomes Highly Trending

Back about #SailorMoonRedraw, even though the likes received by @norikoi_noriko It’s not big, but the fanart that he made was followed by other artists. They all did their own interpretation of the scene, and this ended up making #SailorMoonRedraw to be exclusively representing the depiction of the fanart scene Sailor Moon S the.

#Sailormoonredraw variation

At its peak, it all started from yesterday, May 17, 2022, where is mangaka Okawa Bukubu (Bkbu), famous for Pop Team Epic (Poptepipic), showing fanart #SailorMoonRedraw with Pop Team Epic style. The tweet exploded and made many people follow the trend, both amateurs and professionals. As a result, until this article was written, there are still new interpretations from an illustrator in this part of the world that appear every hour. Making it a phenomenon that is enough to make many people turn around out of curiosity.

From something simple and then become entertainment for many people. Popularity #SailorMoonRedraw in the last 24 hours enough to show it. Starting from the beautiful pictures that are eye-catching, to parody rendition, depicting the faces of the other characters in the scene, which honestly invites a lot of laughter for me. Then, how about you? Mobidachi? Have you joined this trend?

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