Sahur and Iftar with Apex Legends, You Can Win OVO Cash!

The excitement of Ramadan has begun to be felt even before the fasting month comes, including from battle royale game latest from Electronic Arts, Apex Legends Mobile.

During the month of Ramadan, Apex Legends Mobile will collaborate with Streamers and YouTubers games in Indonesia in celebrating the moment of breaking (Iftar) and sahur through offerings live streaming to the quiz with prizes.


Popular names that will also entertain the fans Apex Legends Mobile Champions in carrying out fasting, among others Lieutenant Hyper, Entruv, Beautiful Imageand Bro Alex.

When livestreampara livestreamer will give you 4 questions related to the world Apex Legends to his viewers. The questions given will consist of various levels of difficulty, ranging from easy, medium, intermediate until hardwhich is where the answer must be given in the comments column live stream.

Every day, as many as 4 participants with the correct answers in the comments column will be selected as winners with prizes in the form of OVO Cash.

apex legends mobile

Events collaboration live stream together livestreamer it will take place within the date period April 3rd until 30 May 2022 every day Sunday, Wednesdayand Friday. Live stream sahur takes place on 04.00 to 05.00 WIBwhereas live stream iftar walk in 16.00 to 17.00 WIB.

Every day, there will be 1 livestreamer that accompanies the Suhoor or the time of breaking the fast of the Champions. At the end live streamwill be disclosed streamer next will do live streaming the next day.

So, happy fasting and don’t miss this exciting opportunity and moment of togetherness in this month of Ramadan to watch livestreamers playing Apex Legends Mobile and take part in quizzes with OVO Cash prizes.

Apex Legends Mobile is currently in the Limited Release stage and is available on Google Play and App Store. Also join the Official Discord Apex Legends Mobile Indonesia community:

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