Safe! Elite8 Nyosep Becomes the Last Team to Qualify for PINC 2022

Elite8 Nyosep qualify for PINC 2022

Elite8 Nyosep qualify for PINC 2022

GridGames.ID – PUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship (PINC) 2022 finally got its final fighter.

Elite8 Nyosep finally got the right to be the 16th team as well as the last team in this tournament.

Elite8 Nyosep himself was the winner of the Open Qualifier round which was held on Saturday (6/7/19) yesterday.

The Open Qualifier Round itself is the last qualifying round after the City Qualifier round was completed a few days earlier.

With the name Open Qualifier, of course there are lots of big teams competing in this competition.

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For example, WAW Esports and Victim Esports have pretty good statistics in this branch.

Even these two teams also competed in PMCO 2022.

But unfortunately, the two big teams still lost luck to Elite8 Nyosep.


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