Sad News from Boy Allegedly Pro Player of EVOS eSports, Lost in the Mountain

Thoriq Rizki Maulidan, the lost climber on the pyramid mountain.

Doc. Evos

Thoriq Rizki Maulidan, the lost climber on the pyramid mountain.

GridGames.ID – A row of mountain climbing accidents is something that everyone should be wary of.

Recently, it was reported that one of the victims of an EVOS eSport player named Thoriq Riski Maulidan was reported to have disappeared on Mount Pyramid.

The news caused a stir among local residents and was discussed by EVOS eSport players.

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More and more people are talking about it because of the circulation of a video of the victim search process that makes a voice asking for help.

The video is assumed to be Thoriq screaming. Thoriq Rizki Maulidan is reported missing on Mount Pyramid, Bondowoso Regency, East Java.

The disappearance of Thoriq Rizki Maulidan is increasingly being discussed along with many videos circulating on social media.

Quoted by Instagram @pmikabbondowoso, Thoriq was reported missing at Mount Pyramid, Bondowoso Regency since one week ago.

Officers continue to search for the victim Thoriq Rizki Maulidan in the Mount Pyramid area.


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