Sad! Game Inside’s Special Package Must Be Postponed First, Why Yes?

Game Inside special edition

Game Inside special edition

GridGames.ID – Unpleasant news came from iam8bit, namely the delay in using special games Inside.

iam8bit works with PlayDead and RealDoll to make this puzzle game in a special package.

This special package also contains games Inside played in PlayStation 4, and there are other items that are still kept secret.

This collaboration was announced a year ago which should have been released this year and can be played.

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For those who don’t know, Play dead is developer Limbo games and Inside which was excited to talk about because of the difficulty of the game.

While ReadDoll is a doll company that is made to look like humans and serves to have sex.

It seems that the contents of this special package contain dolls such as the Inside characters that are made completely similar.

But what is the reason iam8bit should delay the special package for $375 or around Rp. 5,700,000,- this?

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It seems that the team that created this special package is still in the process because it is estimated that there are still some missing.

“Thank you for giving us the time to fine-tune the details of this extraordinary, special and unique package. We are working diligently with our partners at Play dead and Real Doll to ensure that it is of the best quality.” says iam8bit.

According to iam8bit, no one has ever made this special package and this build should be details.

There has been no confirmation regarding the sale date of this special package, but it is possible pre order.

What do you think it contains?


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