Sad! BTR Microboy Officially Announces Retirement, Turns Out This Is The Reason

GridGames.ID – Shocking news came from the PUBG Mobile Indonesia scene.

One of the Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR RA) roster, Microboy officially announced his retirement.

This information was conveyed through a farewell video uploaded by the BTR RA team, Friday (29/1).

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“@btr_microboy has decided to part with Bigetron. He refused a contract extension ahead of his wish to retire,” wrote the official Instagram account @bigetronesports.

The roster whose real name is Nizar Lugatio Pratama started his career at BTR in 2022.

Microboy claimed to be invited by Zuxxy and Luxxy to join and strengthen the second tier team, BTR Ion.

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“I was invited by the Zuxxy-Luxxy twins to join the two Bigetron teams, namely Bigetron Ion,” said Microboy in his farewell video.

After going through various tournaments with BTR Ion, Microboy was then invited to join the main team.

He said that Zuxxy, Luxxy, and Ryzen were in need of a support.

“When I first entered RA, I was really happy. When will I join a team with players that I idolize,” he said.

A number of national and international achievements have been achieved by Microboy with BTR RA.

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Starting from PMCO Fall Split, PMCO Global Finals, PMPL SEA Finals, PMWL Season Zero-East Region, and many more.

His decision to retire from BTR RA and the PUBG Mobile Indonesia scene as a player is not without reason.

Microboy wants to take a break and try new things by becoming an analyst.

Bigetron Red Aliens

Bigetron Esports

Bigetron Red Aliens

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“If I told you, I think I want to take a break first,” said Microboy in a streaming session some time ago.

“(During my break) I stream the most, I’m also interested in analyzing things like that,” he continued.

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He also thanked Bigetron’s management, teammates, and all Bigetron fans who have supported him so far.

“Don’t forget to Bigetroopers, thank you very much for supporting me so far, I say goodbye,” he concluded.


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