Sad! 1000 Player Battle Royale Tournament Suddenly Canceled

1000 Participants canceled Mavericks: Proving Grounds tournament

1000 Participants canceled Mavericks: Proving Grounds tournament

GridGames.ID – How would you feel if you failed to enter the competition, but through no fault of yours? Must be annoyed.

That’s how 1000 PC battle royale players felt when they found out that the Mavericks: Proving Grounds competition was cancelled.

The main reason is insufficient cost.

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The news was conveyed by the developer, Automaton Games through its official website.

This news is certainly surprising, because Mavericks can still be played when the E3 event was held in June 2022 yesterday.

Plus, Automaton Games just announced that the game has reached the Alpha development stage.

For information, the three games are in the Alpha development stage, so the game has entered a very promising new chapter.


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