RULES OF SURVIVAL Gameplay Android / iOS (PUBG Clone)

This is the game Rule of survival, PUBG Game Mobile version game

Surely many of Mobileague’s friends have tried the RULES OF SURVIVAL game! a game where the real battle takes place. You will be 1 of 120 unarmed players who will be freed in an abandoned island. Only the last participant wins. Because you are the one who will write the RULES OF SURVIVAL!

One of the things to note in this game is that, apart from you fighting against other players, you are also competing to find a safe place. Just like the PUBG game, every time the safe zone gets smaller and you have to race towards the safe zone. Otherwise you could be exposed to poisonous gas which kills you slowly but surely.

Game features in Rule of Survival

Some of the modes in this game are as follows

  • Run or Fight!
  • Last Man Stands!
    • Solo or team mode of 120 fighters.
  • Pick and Use!
    • Large selection of weapons and equipment.
  • Fast and furious!
    • Drive a variety of available vehicles.

DOWNLOAD the game now

This game has a Total Size: 553 MB and it’s a good idea to prepare more space on your cellphone if you want to play it.

[appbox appstore id1307961750?mt=8]

[appbox googleplay id=com.netease.chiji]

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