RRQ Team Announces New Collaboration With Cryptocurrency Application

Team RRQ x Pintu presents a CryptoTalk

Team RRQ

Team RRQ x Pintu presents a CryptoTalk

GridGames.ID – Rex Regum Qeon aka RRQ, the well-known Indonesian esports team again announced a new collaboration.

Together with Pintu, Team RRQ will present a CryptoTalk.

Eits, the door here is not a real door, yes, but the first cryptocurrency application in Indonesia that offers convenience in investing in cryptocurrencies.

The door itself can be accessed through a mobile device that allows users to store, sell, and buy crypto assets easily, instantly, and without obstacles.

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The RRQ team with Pintu wants to make cryptocurrency known to more people, especially among the millennial generation and gamers.

Recently, the topic of investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies has become a hot topic.

Well, especially after the price of Bitcoin has risen to 300 percent in the last year, guys.

Even so, cryptocurrency is still a foreign investment instrument for some people because it has only developed recently in this digital era.

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