RRQ Sena Strengthens its Standing Ranking

MDL ID S5 has entered the last week of its regular season and the team competition is getting tougher, especially for teams that are in the middle of the leaderboard including RRQ Sena, Geek Fam Jr, and Bigetron Beta.

As we know from the final result week 5 leagues tier These 2, 6 teams have been 100% confirmed to advance to the round playoffs and 2 other teams have been confirmed to be eliminated.

Week 6 leagues will be decisive to find 4 teams that will fulfill slots remaining. That means that from the 6 teams in the middle of the MDL standings this fifth season, there are still 2 teams that must fall. Already finished the first day of the last week group stagewhat was the result like?

MDL ID S5 W6D1 Results

MDL ID S5 W6D1 Results

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Aura Esports vs EVOS Icon


MDL ID S5 W6D1 opens with a match between 2 teams that have been confirmed to advance to the round playoffs. Even so, both teams played professionally and fought with all their might. Games its first was secured by EVOS Icon with overwhelming dominance.

Then Aura rose in games next and the team managed to equalize, after monopolizing the whole turtle and Lord match. most- out at minute 13, EVOS must submit to games 2.

Continue to games decisive, the two teams played quite evenly until mid games with aggressive play. However, losing all turrether and the unpaid effort to get lord the second being the end of Aura Esports.

RRQ Sena vs CO2Z

MDL RRQ Sena vs CO2Z

Games 1 feels so slow because there’s not much team fight that happened. The match was won by CO2Z, with slow domination which makes RRQ Sena quite overwhelmed.

As if studying his opponent’s movements in games before, RRQ Sena came back stronger in the next battle. Still not so much team fightbut RRQ Sena can balance the position.

Successfully kidnapped 2 of his opponent’s members after the scramble lord secondRRQ Sena live push to base fight and out CO2Z member and already games that.

Slower than 2 games Previously, both teams played more cautiously. The game reached 20 minutes and above with the state of each team having lost all eight turret-his.

Get evolved lord alias lord fourth, RRQ Sena toppled Aura and comeback from 0-1 to 2-1 and strengthen his position to go playoffs MDL!

OPI Esportstainment vs Geek Fam Jr

MDL RRQ Sena, Geek Fam Jr

Geek Fam Jr safely beat OPI Esportstainment 2-0 without reply. Games The first one was fairly balanced. However, a team fight happened at 15 minutes, after OPI managed to drop lord both Geek Fam Jr. In that minute, OPI out and have to submit games first.

The two teams are actually quite balanced until mid games second match. Unfortunately, OPI was careless and missed several times, where team members were kidnapped one by one when lord first attack base-his. Unable to do much, OPI finally fell.

PABZ Esports vs Bigetron Beta

Meet a team that has already qualified for the round playoffsBigetron Beta was heavily slaughtered in both games-his. The team was so overwhelmed at games first and didn’t manage to get one turtle or lord. With different levels and gold far away, PABZ ended their resistance in the 17th minute.

Enter games 2, the same thing happened again where Bigetron Beta was unable to stem the PABZ attack. Faster than games Previously, PABZ defeated Bigetron Beta at minute 14. With that, the chances of Bigetron Beta getting smaller are getting smaller. playoffs.


That’s the result of MDL ID S5 W6D1, with only RRQ Sena in the middle of the standings still securing its position. You can see that in the following MDL ID S5 standings:


MDL ID S5 will resume tomorrow (5/4/2022) with other exciting matches. Stay tuned and support your favorite team, OK!

On the other hand, MPL ID tournament tier 1 and brothers from MDL will reportedly open venue the match is for the public on week 8 and round playoffs coming! Have you got the ticket?

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