RRQ Lemon’s Latest Kagura Build, More Horror Than Ever!

RRQ Lemon


RRQ Lemon

GridGames.ID – Several years ago, Kagura had become a hero who was quite respected by many Mobile Legends players.

It could not be separated from RRQ Lemon as a pilot who played Kagura well.

The use of build items and the dexterity of the game make Kagura so scary.

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Unfortunately, as the game progressed, the opponents began to find a formula to reduce ‘Lemon’s Kagura’.

However, it did not last long, Lemon again found the right scheme to play Kagura in the new Meta at this time.

At the MPL ID S6 event yesterday, Lemon used the hero mage several times.

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The style of play and use of the builds have been adapted to the current Meta.

Want to know what the Lemon version of the latest Kagura build looks like? Check out the reviews on the next page.


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