RRQ Hoshi’s Domination, These are the 5 Best Players in MPL ID Season 9 Week 7!

MPL ID Season 9 just finished week 7 them yesterday. RRQ Hoshi managed to prove themselves as the favorite team to win in season This is because they managed to become the leader of the standings with 16 points.

Plus, with some of the best players appearing in MPL Season week 7, they also managed to secure the position upper bracket in the round playoffs later.

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In addition to RRQ Hoshi, there was also ONIC Esports which did not lose out on performing brilliantly in the last week. They also managed to secure two wins that brought them secure upper bracket with 11 points.

In addition to the two strong potential champion teams, there were also many players who performed brilliantly and stole the attention of the crowd week 7 yesterday. Is there anyone? Here are the 5 best players in MPL Season 9 week 7 versions of Game Spot!

1. Alberttt – RRQ Hoshi

It is common knowledge of course that Alberttt is one of the most feared talented young players in MPL ID Season 9 today. He is also known as a player with a high level of mechanics for mastering fast hand heroes like Lancelot to Ling.

In week 7 yesterday, Alberttt was successful in showing his consistency. He was able to perform brilliantly when he helped RRQ Hoshi beat Alter Ego and RBL Zion. Even though I was defeated in games first, Albert was able to become the main actor who helped RRQ Hoshi beat Alter Ego 2-1

2. CW – Onic Esports


Calvin Winata aka CW really deserves the status as one of the goldlaner the best in Indonesia today. In week 7 yesterday, CW was again successful in showing its capabilities, especially against EVOS Legends where it succeeded clutch and make ONIC Esports win in games first.

CW’s consistent appearance in MPL ID Season 9 today also makes him irreplaceable. This seems to be a guarantee for CW to secure its position as a starter in the round playoffs later.

3. Kyy – Bigetron Alpha


Bigetron Alpha appeared twice this week where they won once against Alter Ego and lost once against ONIC Esports. Even so, there was one player who performed brilliantly in the week 7 yesterday that is roamer their mainstay, Kyy.

Yup, Kyy is able to become the brains of their team and is able to make his comrades cohesively follow orders. Several times iniate what he did was successful and allowed his friends to finish off the enemy when war big well.

His best appearance, of course, is when he uses Atlas which successfully becomes the frightening specter of Alter Ego. With his Atlas, Kyy also succeeded in contributing to his team’s 2-1 victory.

4. R7 – RRQ Hoshi

R7 really deserves to be dubbed as one of the EXP Laner or offlaner the best in Indonesia today. At a time when many still don’t understand too much about relying on Grock to get buffR7 even managed to make perfect use of Grock as a fighter.

Damage from the Grock of the R7 in week 7 yesterday really made the enemy dizzy. Hero squishy a kind of Wanwan (used by AE Nino against RRQ) was killed with just one turn from Grock.

Not only damage It’s just crazy, R7 also looks brilliant wearing hero this time beat RBL Zion. The most epic moment is when it manages to steal lord use combo flicker and skills Wild Charges. GGWP R7!

5. Clay – RRQ Hoshi


Predicate midlaner The best in Indonesia right now deserves to be carried by Deden alias Clay. Her scintillating appearance in week 7 yesterday became valid evidence that the quality is no longer in doubt.

Clay succeeded in becoming the main actor who frustrated RBL Zion to death to penetrate turret main RRQ Hoshi. Very clever positioning when using Cecilion in match This is the main key to success in defeating the enemy.


So, those are the five best MPL ID Season 9 players in week 7. What do you think? Is there your favorite player? Write in the comments column, yes!

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