RRQ completes victory over AE

MPL ID S9 Week 7 Day 2 closed with Grand Final rematch MPL ID S9 between RRQ Hoshi vs Alter Ego (AE). This is match the third and the last one after we were presented with 2 other exciting matches, namely EVOS Legends vs Geek Fam and ONIC Esports vs Bigetron Alpha.

In the first meeting, RRQ Hoshi was able to easily win over Alter Ego. However, now the situation is quite different because LeoMurphy has returned to the MPL team and of course added strength to the team from Alter Ego.


What was the final result? This is the recapitulation!

Games 1: Helcurt + Natalia Make RRQ Hoshi Constantly Get Silence

Albertt opened match RRQ Hoshi vs Alter Ego using hero flagship, Ling. However, the Alter Ego does not stay silent by using the “duo” strategy silence” from Helcurt Celiboy and Natalia LeoMurphy.

Both teams are playing it safe in early games. However, Alter Ego is superior because it has Natalia who can make sudden attacks on RRQ Hoshi’s retainers, especially Clayyy (Midlaner) and Skylar (Goldlaner).

As a result, RRQ Hoshi’s attacks always limp when team fight occur. Ling Alberttt also doesn’t look as good as usual because he has lost a few fights retribution with Celiboy.

Even RRQ Hoshi’s game can’t develop because it’s the only guarantee late game they, Clayyy with Cecilion, were constantly being bullied by Natalia. Alter Ego managed to secure games The first.

Games 2: Skylar gets Beatrix, AE doesn’t move

Not wanting to repeat the same mistake, RRQ Hoshi immediately secured Beatrix for Skylar at games The second. They dared to release Natalia to LeoMurphy and Karina to Celiboy, with Baxia in Vyn’s hands instead.

Who would have thought, Beatrix’s presence in RRQ Hoshi’s camp really became a scourge for Alter Ego. Nino who was his opponent in Gold Lane can’t do much until you don’t get items what he wants.

However, the star here is Alberttt. After performing badly in Games first, Alberttt returned “slippery” in games second use Hayabusa and Retribution what he has is very on point.

Natalia and Selena used by Udil were made to “do nothing” because they were unable to provide resistance to Vyn and Clayyy who were superior. With 3 God’s help, RRQ Hoshi forced Alter Ego to play games all three.

Games 3: Neat Game, RRQ Hoshi Fiery!

As if rediscovering the performance that had been lost in games first, RRQ Hoshi appeared fiery in games determination by controlling all lane belongs to the Alter Ego.

Alberttt who used Lancelot played so neatly that the Alter Ego team couldn’t even touch him. Even Baxia jungler from Celiboy unable to do anything to lead his teammates.

It only took one Lord, RRQ Hoshi managed to secure games third with points kill 20-3, as well as perfecting their 2 meetings with Alter Ego.


That’s the end result of match MPL ID S9 Week 7 Day 2 closing between RRQ Hoshi vs Alter Ego (AE). This result makes RRQ Hoshi even stronger at the top of the standings Regular Seasonwhile the Alter Ego still have to fight harder to be able to secure their position in the zone playoffs.


MPL ID S9 Week 7 will continue to the third day where the competition will be Rebellion Zion vs RRQ Hoshi and ONIC Esports vs EVOS Legends. Sodon’t miss MPL ID S9, okay!

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