RRQ CEO Hoshi Denies the Issue of Selling Mainstay Players for MPL ID Season 8

Andrian Pauline Husen (CEO of RRQ)

Amalia Septiyani

Andrian Pauline Husen (CEO of RRQ)

GridGames.ID – The last few days the name RRQ Hoshi has been the subject of discussion in the Mobile Legends scene.

RRQ Hoshi, dubbed the king of kings, is rumored to be selling one of their mainstay players.

The issue was first raised by the CEO of Alter Ego, Delywn Sukamto in a livestreaming session on Nimo TV.

“There is one player on the transfer list, you people will never guess who,” he said.

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This statement was echoed by the EVOS Legends roster, Luminaire who was also present at the livestreaming session.

EVOS Luminaire

MPL Indonesia

EVOS Luminaire

He even gave a leak if the player would be on the same team as him.

“I also know Ko, that’s a candidate for a team with me,” said Luminaire.

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