RRQ announces MDL list, where is Liam?

RRQ announces MDL RRQ list, where is RRQ Liam? Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) has finally released the full roster of RRQ Sena, the RRQ team for the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MDL) Indonesia Season 2 Tournament, through social media such as Facebook and Instagram and RRQ YouTube.

RRQ has completely overhauled RRQ Sena’s roster by adopting the names of several foreigners in the highly competitive area of ​​Mobile Legends Indonesia. This was done in light of the inadequate results of RRQ Senna in last year’s MDL Indonesia Season 1.

Source: YouTube Teamrrq

Below is the RRQ Senna list for MDL Indonesia Season 2.

・ X win

・ Albert


・ Skyler


・ 824

X Win, Albert, and Skylar themselves look pretty young, but they have great potential. As a result, RRQ eventually hired these three players as part of MDL’s RRQ Sena. But there is one interesting point here. RRQ Sena does not have a Tuturu or Liam name.

In fact, it is widely predicted that RRQ Tuturu or RRQ Liam will play in RRQ MDL, especially Liam.

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Source: Instagram Teamrrq

Some say Liam became the coach of RRQ Senna, as rumors circulated that Liam became part of RRQ Hoshi (RRQ MPL). But what is certain is that Andrian Paulin, CEO of RRQ when he was on Planet S Sports Revival TV, said Liam was still part of RRQ. The latest eSports news. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get and follow on Facebook.

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