RRQ and EVOS are dominant, these are the complete results of MPL ID Season 3 Week 1 Day 1

MPL ID Season 3 Match

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MPL ID Season 3 Match

GridGames.ID – MPL ID Season 3 has finally started on Saturday (16/2).

Using the standings system, the MPL ID Season 3 regular season will last quite a long time, until May 2022.

Well, in the opening party of the MPL ID Season 3 regular season on the first day, there were 10 teams competing for the best position in the first week.

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The match, which started at 11 a.m., just finished at 7 p.m. WIB.

Curious about the score and what teams are competing today? Just check it out, guys!

11.00: Aerowolf vs The Prime = 2-0

12.40: SFI Critical vs Star8 Esports = 2-1

14:20: Aura vs Louvre = 2-0

16:00: PSG.RRQ vs Bigetron Game.ly = 2-0

17.40: Alter Ego vs Evos = 2-0


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