ROG Phone II Uses AMOLED Screen with Refresh Rate 120Hz/1ms

GridGames.ID – ASUS ROG Phone II, a powerful gaming smartphone, will be released in Indonesia on December 5, 2022 tomorrow.

ROG Phone II has special gaming features that other smartphones don’t have, namely an AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time.

“ROG Phone II is the first gaming smartphone to use a 120Hz 1ms AMOLED screen,” said Jimmy Lin, Regional Director of ASUS Southeast Asia.

Jimmy also said that this feature was never carried out by other smartphone manufacturers because their main focus was not gaming.




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Effect of High Refresh Rate in Game

Refresh rate is the ability of the screen to refresh and display frames in one second which is displayed in the form of frequency with units of Hertz (Hz).

The higher the refresh rate, the more frames that can be displayed, and the more frames that are displayed, the smoother the visual appearance and animation will look.

In the PC world, most eSport gamers are used to standard refresh rates of 144 and 240Hz, while in mobile gaming, ROG Phone II wants to raise the bar for gaming through a 120Hz screen capable of displaying framerates of up to 120fps.


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