Rocket League Pro Player with Disabilities Defeats World Champion

Ashllxyy play with standard PlayStation controller


Ashllxyy play with standard PlayStation controller

GridGames.ID – Rocket League pro player Ashllxyy defeated former world champion Kyle “Scrub Killa” Robertson in the Battle of the Bulls competition.

Cool, Ashllxyy only uses one hand to beat Scrub Killa in a 1vs1 match.

Reporting from, Ashley is a disabled person who was born without a right arm and plays the Rocket League game using a combination of his left hand, chin and right shoulder.

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Rocket League Battle of the Bulls

Rocket League Battle of the Bulls

The Battle of the Bulls is a series of 1vs1 competitions held in conjunction with the Rocket League Championship Series X Lamborghini Open.

This competition is considered the first time Psyonix has held an official 1vs1 match.

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Ashllxyy who is from England and managed to score five goals in a row against Scrub Killa.

Scrub Killa is a Rocket League legend having won top honors in the RLCS World Championship, with Renault Vitality in Season 7.


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