Riot Games Presents Arcane’s First Hextech Expo Worldwide

Riot Games officially announced the first Hextech Expo.

Riot Games

Riot Games officially announced the first Hextech Expo.

GridGames.ID – Previously, Riot Games announced the release of the Arcane series title that offers a storyline from the League of Legends universe.

The series will be released globally on Netflix on Sunday (7/11) tomorrow.

To celebrate the release of the series, Riot is now announcing the first Hextech Expo to bring Arcane innovation and surprise to cities around the world.

Six cities around the world will host the first-ever Hextech Expo this month, bringing the cutting edge of Arcane’s Piltover technology to the real world.

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Hextech Expo Riot Games

Riot Games

Hextech Expo Riot Games

Piltover, known as the City of Progress in Arcane and League of Legends, has harnessed the power of magic, through Hextech, to create incredible, unbelievable technologies that everyone craves.

The technology can create chaos if in the wrong hands.

Launching in Paris (with the storefront on display today), Hextech Expo will also travel to London, Madrid, Istanbul, Singapore and LA as part of a connected experience for fans.

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