Riot Games Officially Announces New Valorant Agent Named Killjoy

Valorant's New Agent, Killjoy


Valorant’s New Agent, Killjoy

GridGames.ID – After leaking on the internet, Riot Games has finally officially announced the new agent of Valorant, Killjoy.

A few hours before it was officially announced, Riot Games was caught sharing info about the presence of a new agent Valorant.

Starting from an explanation of his abilities, to video footage of Killjoy’s gameplay.

However, only after some time, the upload on the official Valorant website was immediately deleted.

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Now, with the official announcement, it is certain that Killjoy is Valorant’s newest agent.

Unfortunately, even though it has been announced, there has been no official explanation regarding his abilities and roles in the game.

If you refer to the leaks circulating previously, Killjoy has 3 general skills and 1 ultimate, just like the others.

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quote NME, His first skill is Alarmbot (C). This skill presents a bot that can attack enemies within a certain distance.

If you feel that the bot placement is not right, the player can pick it up again by pressing the C button for a long time.


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