Rindou Mikoto From Nijisanji Gets a Bullying Antis Who Hears The Voice Of His Male Liver Friend Kuzuha On A Membership Special Broadcast

Even though the Nijisanji brand does not prioritize the image of Idol, Purist Idolfag is furious when he suspects that there is a male voice laughing when Rindou Mikoto is doing a special membership broadcast.

The bad news has again attacked the Vtuber affiliated with Nijisanji, one of the livers who are members of the SKB unit, Rindou Mikoto, who had to be bullied by disgruntled and anti-fans who stirred up problems with his membership-specific ASMR content.

Initially, it was reported that Nijisanji affiliate VTuber, Rindou Mikoto was doing ASMR content exclusively for Membership. In the middle of the broadcast, a laugh was heard which was thought to be the voice of one of the male Nijisanji Livers, Kuzuha. This caused listeners of the content to suspect that Rindou Mikoto and Kuzuha were living together.

Discussions about the relationship between Kuzuha and Rindou Mikoto ended in anger directed at Liver Rindou Mikoto which was then used by antis to spread the audio of Kuzuha’s alleged voice in various discussion forums. As a result Liver Rindou Mikoto gets bullied on his content, one of which is a dislike bomb which is quite significant than usual which is balanced with a like bomb by loyal fans of Rindou Mikoto.

The ASMR content of the controversy has been made private so that it can no longer be accessed, so the source of the article is only through second-hand info.

The audio that Kuzuha thought was supposed to be faint audio that was matched

It was reported that the audio of Kuzuha’s voice according to fan recognition was not very clear but it was adjusted to be Kuzuha’s voice because of the slight resemblance in the audio. Unfortunately, despite the ambiguous statement of audio authentication, it didn’t lighten the bullshit that Rindou Mikoto received.

Rindou Mikoto is bullied, Kuzuha is praised

Rindou Mikoto

Kuzuha received a different response because of the controversy, although Kuzuha did not give any statement regarding the incident, fans expressed their pleasure for Kuzuha who was considered to have a special relationship with Rindou Mikoto and approved of their relationship. It is reported that if the controversy is proven wrong or denied by Kuzuha, then fans will believe Kuzuha even though they sometimes want to tease her. The abuse from fans and antis is quite small compared to the abuse that Rindou Mikoto received.

Rindou Mikoto and Kuzuha have not been confirmed to be in a relationship

As stated in the title above. the audio evidence cannot be proof that they have been in a relationship or proof that they have lived together. Or it could even be that the audio was not Kuzuha’s voice at all. Even if they are already in a relationship, fans shouldn’t interfere in their relationship.

Breaking the myth of Nijisanji is safe from Purist Idolfag

It is often echoed, that Nijisanji is an agency that allows its talents to be free in its content and does not have to maintain a special image such as the image of Idol and the culture in it. This incident was enough, because it disappointed Nijisanji fans because of the Rindou Mikoto bullying case, leaking ASMR content specifically for membership and showing Nijisanji is also not safe from idol phage purists who limit Rindou Mikoto’s social relations with colleagues of different gender.

Fans didn’t expect that their voices of support would have to compete with the big voices of antis who wanted to hurt their favorite liver. Disappointed that their support voice is not as big as the voice of support for Liver Kuzuha fans who can still joke and be happy with the relationship created by this drama. Fans of Rindou Mikoto are also okay with the voices giving criticism of this controversy, but regret that some of these criticisms have become antis’ mounts to spread their hateful messages.

The video regarding this controversy can be watched on this channel, which also discusses a little about the leaking of Otogibara Era membership content which announced its graduation.

Explanatory video from outside

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